Interview Emma Sawko

Interview Emma Sawko

Discover our interview with Emma Sawko, a woman of conviction, sunshine and rock'n'roll who is behind Wild & the Moon: more than 10 restaurants, the pioneers in the urban offering of delicious and plant-based meals.

The purchase of less than €50 that has enormously improved your life

Greek watermelon. I don't know if it changed my life, but it made it a lot better for a summer.

The best beauty advice you've ever been given

Generally speaking, stay natural: beauty fashions tend to pass very quickly and age us more than we should. Remember the thin eyebrows of the 90s: they didn't grow back on those who drew them with tweezers!

The best health advice you've ever been given

My mother taught us that the first medicine was on the plate. We have always eaten very healthy and I never get sick.

The way you integrated Archie into your daily life

For a long time I have started the day with a spoon diluted in a glass of water. It is magic ; it gently wakes up the digestive system and brightens the complexion.

The dish you eat when you don't have time

A smoothie. I always have homemade almond milk in the fridge and some fruit on the counter or in the freezer. I mix them with plant-based proteins or superfoods from Wild & the Moon and take that with me.

The recipe you like to cook

I love to cook everything! It's the act of creating a new recipe with what I have on hand that I like. I love mixing vegetables that I roast in the oven, and to which I add good oils, lots of seeds, chickpeas, herbs and spices.

The place where you feel relaxed

I love nature, the mountains and the sea. The ocean in particular energizes me. My favorite place in the world, which soothes me as much as it recharges my batteries, is Biarritz, where I have always gone every year. We go there every summer to meet family and friends.

THE essential thing you do every day to take care of yourself

Sport. I grew up practicing ballet at a professional level and ski racing. Moving is essential for me, even today. Every morning I need to do an hour of exercise before anything else. I practiced boxing for years, and today, I alternate with a yoga practice.

The person who inspires you the most

My father is a great source of professional inspiration. He encourages me, helps me make the right decisions; it is a precious ally.

The bad habit you would like to get rid of

Addiction to my phone. He's made me a slave to my job, and I'm constantly checking messages and emails.

The app you wouldn't delete from your phone

Instagram; I'm the one who partly manages the social networks for Wild & The Moon and Comptoir 102

The book to recommend

Wild and The Moon: My 150 vegan, gluten-free AND delicious recipes . Okay, I'm not saying this because it's my book, but it's time to change the world!

The activity that relaxes you the most

Walk by the water. I do it every day when I leave the office in Dubai. That's how I learned meditation.

The quality you wish everyone had


The sporting activity you like most and the time you spend on it

Right now, yoga is taking over boxing. I do an hour a day

The phrase you often repeat to yourself

“No, I don’t just eat seeds”

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