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Interview with Emma Houvenagel

Discover our interview with Emma Houvenagel, international model and businesswoman. Emma is one of the first faces of Archie. We love her for her naturalness, her kindness, her humility... she simply inspires us. We're sharing this mini interview with you, a format that we'll be expanding a lot in the future.

The app you wouldn't delete from your phone

GOOGLE MAP for castings and appointments!!

The purchase of less than €50 that has enormously improved your life

A thermos to have my hot drinks with me everywhere.

The best beauty advice you've ever been given

Korean-style sheet masks: it's really my secret for a rested complexion and plump skin.

To take everywhere with me.

It completely changed my skincare routine for “glass skin”

In addition to modeling, I work for a very popular Korean cosmetics brand in Seoul: Boutijour! I deal more specifically with image and retail on the French market.

The best health advice you've ever been given


How you integrated archie cider vinegar into your daily life

I integrate Archie into my daily recipes and as a real detox (I also approve for hangovers!)

The recipe you like to cook

I recently made a chicken detox soup recipe with Archie (recipe coming soon)

The place where you feel relaxed

I love putting myself in airplane mode and traveling alone. This is really the moment where I completely recharge the batteries.

The thing you do to take care of yourself if you only have 5 minutes in your day

A comforting drink in the morning like Archie + lemon + ginger + hot water.

The person who inspires you the most

My father, the most courageous and humble person I know.

The bad habit you would like to get rid of

Giving 80% of myself to ultimately receive 50% in return.

The book to recommend

Atomic Habits by James Clear or the book that can change your life!

The place you dream of going/returning to


The quality you wish everyone had

Humility or modesty

The sporting activity you like the most and the time you devote to it/week

Cycling sessions at Dynamo (twice a week), 45-minute session, immersed in the dark.

The final word

Remember that you and you alone are responsible for maintaining your energy. Stop blaming, complaining, and making excuses, and continue to act toward your goals, no matter how mundane or noble they may be.

Take care of yourself

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