Why Archie?
You have to drink it to believe it

We had barely begun to become passionate about the benefits of cider vinegar when we quickly found ourselves confronted with an absurdity: if in the United States or Asia, everyone knows it as THE health ingredient, in France, cider vinegar is struggling to get rid of its outdated label as a simple “condiment”. Faced with the absence of a qualitative offer and the cruel lack of information, we therefore decided to become the standard bearer of a new French revolution, deeply convinced by the immense potential of this product. This is how Archie was born in October 2020, the first French company specializing in cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar, our everyday hero.
It takes care of your health and makes your well-being a priority.

The origins ?
Make a positive impact in the world

The French artisanal cider-making heritage goes back thousands of years. But it is faced with a continuing industrial ambition, driven by the search for performance and efficiency. How can we preserve centuries-old know-how in this environment? Archie's battle is also to protect and perpetuate the century-old orchards of Normandy. Since the end of 2020, this cider vinegar revolution has contributed to the conservation of hundreds of hectares of organic Norman apple trees. It highlights cider producers with ancestral knowledge in order to continue this heritage. Today, Archie is an ecosystem of passionate and virtuous partners gathered around a common project: doing good for people and the earth.