Bienfaits d’un bain au vinaigre de cidre Archie

Benefits of an Archie Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

As I write this article, I live in an apartment without a bathtub. So do me a favor, follow these tips and enjoy for 2 (at least) the benefits of a cider vinegar bath.

Exit the problems of the day, this moment is yours. Perfect temperature, small candles, a few drops of jenesaisquoi to foam, and... your cider vinegar! It is one of the secrets of Claire Andreewitch , author of “ Reveal your Glow ” (Marabout editions), THE bible of nutrition and beauty advice. Claire is also a naturopath and one of the most experienced personalities when it comes to natural self-care.

“A few drops of cider vinegar in your bath is a panacea for people with skin problems and to detoxify the body”

Claire Andreewitch

Why does an apple cider vinegar bath help fight skin problems?

For skin problems, the secret of apple cider vinegar lies in its PH. Similar to that of healthy skin (around 5), it will balance oily skin (alkaline pH greater than 6) and dry skin (acidic pH less than 4). The same goes for hair, in the event of a pH imbalance, its use could lead to healthier hair and soft, shiny hair. Last but not least, apple cider vinegar is also a natural antibacterial. It will help fight against stubborn body odors. It will also promote the elimination of toxins accumulated on your skin (air quality, pollution, perspiration, etc.).

In short, you are only 3 steps away from a luxurious, beneficial bath:

1/ Fill your bathtub with water

2/ 200 ml of cider vinegar archi'v (optional: a few drops of lavender oil)

3/ Enjoy

I will therefore personally add step 0: find friends from whom to “borrow” the bathtub.

Extra tips: Proximity to your bottle of vinegar + a little moment of tranquility. Wouldn't we take the opportunity to make a clay mask? If it's not paradise it looks like it...

Photo @ antoinepeltier

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