Top 5 conseils pour améliorer son transit intestinal

Top 5 tips to improve your intestinal transit

Are you looking for new tips to improve your intestinal transit? Particularly thanks to cider vinegar, Archie gives you his Top 5 tips for improving transit, a true indicator of our overall health.

So ok constipation will probably never be in the top 3 most glamorous topics to bring up in conversations. However, this problem concerns many of us. Did you know that the quality of our gut health can be a big indicator of our overall health? But the good news is that there are lots of simple things you can do to improve your transit time and make your bathroom trips much more comfortable and frequent. From drinking water to cider vinegar, we have summarized the best advice for you…

Small disclaimer: if you encounter serious problems, the first thing to do will always be to contact your doctor!

1. Eat fiber

The basis of everything: our diet. Eat varied, balanced but above all do not skimp on the quantity of fibers, particularly insoluble fibers. They have this ability to absorb water and increase the volume of stools. Wholemeal bread or small spelled bread for breakfast, sweet potatoes for lunch, an apple at four o'clock, salad sprinkled with flax seeds in the evening for dinner, a spoonful of psyllium in your yogurt... increase the fiber ration Is simple.

Broccoli, dates, prunes, Brussels sprouts... They are found in a large number of foods, it's up to you to choose what makes you most happy. Because good food, good mood (sorry, it didn’t work as well in French).

2. Chew!

It is not uncommon to eat in front of the computer or in front of the TV, wolfing down your meal without really taking the time to chew. These small, innocuous gestures in our daily lives can impact our transit. Eat, chew, swallow. A simple little exercise consists of putting your fork down between two bites (the more playful ones can count to 30 before swallowing).

3. Drink enough water

1.5 liters of water per day or 8 glasses of water is what is traditionally accepted to help remove waste from our body. For the most connected: there are applications on your phone to remind you to drink water. Having a water bottle or water bottle with you throughout the day is also a useful and visual way to stay hydrated.

4. Exercise

We will not have enough of a lifetime to fully appreciate the benefits provided by physical exercise. Sculpting, burning calories, improving our mood are generally well-known benefits of sport, but did you know that it also has a considerable impact on our intestinal transit? According to the University of Michigan, lack of physical activity is one of the most common reasons for constipation in older people. According to this same university, increasing your exercise time helps stimulate the intestines and improve our transit.

We have tested and approved Anaïs Jasmine's belly sculpting classes 1000 times. This technique combines physical activity and breathing exercises (stomach vacuum) to improve our digestion and transit. As a bonus? a much flatter stomach (the effects are spectacular!).

5. Take probiotics

Good bacteria, good intestines, good transit. Using prebiotics and prebiotics in your daily life is relevant to increase the regularity of bowel movements. Your diet will be a real source of good bacteria: use fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, sourdough bread. Apple cider vinegar is rich in pre-biotics, these nutrients which will serve as food for probiotics and which will improve their effectiveness. You can also supplement with probiotics using ones such as those from the super brand Dijo. With all this, we hope that you in turn will proclaim “no more problems, only solutions when you suffer from constipation” (this lovely slogan is a gift).

To find out more about the role of bacteria “Good bacteria for good health”.

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