Comment adopter une meilleure alimentation sans vous en rendre compte ?

How to adopt a better diet without realizing it?

Do you want to improve your diet and don't know where to start? Archie gives you his advice to avoid the problems linked to a diet that is too rich: diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular diseases...

Sugar, the enemy of modern times. More addictive than cocaine and so satisfying. We promise, we won't blame you if you're addicted to it. But we know today that a diet rich in sugar can be the cause of many health problems: diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular diseases... The list is long.

So rather than dwelling on how this sweetness could have serious consequences, we present to you some tips so that you can adopt a better diet without even realizing it.

Know what a low GI diet could do for you

Admitting it is a first step. It is wrongly believed that reducing daily carbohydrate intake is a matter for diabetics. Nay! This is what a low-carb diet will bring you: health and good mood. Ok we summarized it a little. But keep in mind that by reducing the excess insulin that occurs after ingesting a lot of sugary items, you will feel less stressed, less nervous, less agitated. Also no more lack of concentration and permanent hunger, which are also happy consequences of too much sugar consumption. And if you suffer from premenstrual syndrome, know that again a low sugar diet could reduce your symptoms. So it would be worth a try, right?

Discover new brands to eat better

Obvious. Ok. But we know deprivation leads to frustration. We are not really in favor of good health versus bad mood. So it won't be a question of doing without everything that is good but rather of replacing it with foods that are just as good BUT which have been designed to help improve our health. More and more attractive French brands are concerned with providing healthy and delicious foods while limiting the impact on blood sugar levels. Here is a small selection of our favorite brands that accompany us every day:

Breakfast. Are you team toast? This is the Montignac method bread with spread from Yency that you will have to choose. Are you more of a cereal person? Go for those from Snooze !

After sport: bars rich in lipids without carbohydrates from Holyfat .

Want to bake? Surprise we are full of resources. The Max de Génie brand offers lots of delicious low GI preparations.

These brands have been tested, validated and adopted for a long time by us.

Drink apple cider vinegar

The studies are clear: ingesting 20 ml of cider vinegar diluted in water before a meal considerably reduces the glyceric impact of a meal rich in carbohydrates. Many studies have been carried out in type II diabetics. Apple cider vinegar reduces insulin resistance. Choose a cider vinegar which has retained all its nutritional richness and whose taste allows you to ingest it without problem (editor's note: Archie is the first cider vinegar to have received the Epicure d'Or prize for its taste qualities).

Put your foot down on the bread

Being the good French that we are, bread accompanies us everywhere. It's easy to ingest carbohydrates, and it can be eaten without hunger... We like bread. But it is far from being necessary for our meals and its elimination could make a huge difference in many cases!

We hope we were able to give you a few more cards to take care of yourself.

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