Top 5 des ingrédients indispensables d'une beauté green et minimaliste

Top 5 essential ingredients for green and minimalist beauty

Do you want to reduce the number of beauty items in your bathroom? Drastically reduce the budget allocated to cosmetic products? Archie gives you the Top 5 ingredients to have at home. If this beginning of the article clearly sounds like a TV shopping catchphrase, the solutions proposed here are REALLY effective and could well be a game-changer for your beauty routine. By researching the best tips, we often realize that the simplest solutions are sometimes the best and most useful. We present to you some advice that was given to us regarding natural beauty.

1/ Aloe Vera

It's a revolution. The pure, the true. Applied to the skin, it has no greasy appearance, and promises gentle hydration. Its application will probably not be among the best experiences of your life, let it be said. However, it is clearly an excellent way to obtain hydrated and repaired skin. Repaired, yes. Aloe vera is a super healing agent.

On the hair side, it is also excellent for hydration. If you have wavy to curly hair, when your hair is damp, apply aloe vera gel to the lengths to redefine your curls.

2/ Coconut oil

In terms of economy, we haven't found anything better. Coconut oil can be used to carry out your hair care, left on overnight or as a make-up remover or extra moisturizer. It exists deodorized for those bothered by the smell.

Gwyneth's (editor's note: Paltrow's) tip: put coconut oil in your mouth every morning that you swish. A method of Ayurvedic medicine which would be used to eliminate bacteria.

3/ Cider vinegar

The master, the unbeatable, the indispensable. Apple cider vinegar is the king of a minimalist beauty routine. In rinse water, apply it to have ultra shiny hair. Against dandruff, leave on for a few minutes before shampooing (more information on hair here). As a facial spray to benefit from its good bacteria to ensure a healthy skin microbiome and radiant skin. Half vinegar/half water (or if you don't have a spray bottle, pour a drop on a cotton pad soaked in water). To be sure to benefit from all its benefits, we choose it wisely. Unpasteurized and 300% organic.

4/ Corn flour

It's shampoo day but laziness knocked at the door? This is where he comes in. Pour the corn flour into a container, take a powder brush, dip it in the cornstarch, tap to remove the excess and apply to the scalp strand by strand, rub gently then brush your hair. For brown ones, add a little cocoa. As a gift: volume!

5/ Clay

Clay is an ultra precious jack of all trades. Choose bentonite clay for its properties! Composed of montmorillonite and ilite, known for their adsorption and absorption capacities, and kaolinite which provides comfort and softness to the skin, it is the most complete. As a face mask mixed with water, it absorbs excess sebum from your skin and can prevent pimples and blackheads. For hair, as a mask on the roots, it allows for clarification to restore a healthy scalp.

Naturally beautiful!

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