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Glass bottle

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To stay hydrated

500 mL

Say goodbye to disposable bottles and discover the new Archie glass bottle, your ally for staying hydrated throughout the day while enjoying the benefits of cider vinegar.

With Archie, you can take your apple cider vinegar with you wherever you go, whether to the office, the gym or while traveling. It allows you to enjoy your favorite vinegar any time of the day.

Our lightweight and practical bottle is designed to be ultra-resistant. It is made of glass.

Glass bottle

Glass bottle

Regular price 25,90€
Regular price Sale price 25,90€

Vinegar + bottle

Vinegar & gourd box

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French made

Archie apple cider vinegar

Archie apple cider vinegar

500 mL

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The Archie bottle has many benefits:
- It allows you to stay hydrated all day long
- It allows you to sip your Archie cider vinegar throughout the day
- It allows you to fight against sweet cravings
- It allows you to remineralize after a sports session

Usage tips

Fill your bottle with water, add two tablespoons of your Archie cider vinegar, close and shake. Your elixir for the day is ready!


Glass bottle

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Glass bottle
Glass bottle To stay hydrated
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Why drink apple cider vinegar?

The subject of numerous scientific studies, cider vinegar is undoubtedly one of the most used and beneficial nutraceuticals in the world.

  • To stay hydrated all day
  • To sip your Archie cider vinegar throughout the day
  • To combat sweet cravings
  • To remineralize after a sports session

How to use it ?

Mix a tablespoon of Archie's apple cider vinegar with water directly in your water bottle.

Archie responds
to all your questions

Can you fill your water bottle and drink Archie throughout the day?

Simply dilute apple cider vinegar in your bottle and drink throughout the day. The benefits will be the same: facilitate digestion, regulate blood sugar, help with weight loss, natural antibacterial... Be sure to respect the daily dose of 3 tablespoons maximum per day.

Why drink apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar has been studied for decades for its health benefits. Its interest in regulating blood sugar, helping with weight loss, facilitating digestion, rebalancing hormones and having numerous antibacterial properties are among the main benefits claimed.

When to drink apple cider vinegar?

In the morning: to provide a boost to the body from the start of the day. Before meals: to contribute to weight loss and regulate blood sugar levels. After meals: to facilitate digestion and prevent bloating. At bedtime: to help you fall asleep and promote digestion.

How to drink our cider vinegar?

One tablespoon diluted in a glass of still or sparkling water, cold or room temperature. You can also add your dose to a lukewarm infusion (especially not hot so as not to "kill" the mother of your vinegar and its good bacteria).

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Agnès Amado

Très Pratique et facile à nettoyer

Sandra De Almeida

Super gourde je recommande

Jolie gourde ;)

Très pratique, contenance idéale pour mes 2 cuillères de vinaigre avant et après le déjeuner. Je fais ma préparation le matin avec mon eau pétillante et hop dans le sac :)Le bouchon en bambou est chouette!


Bonne contenance, permet d’avoir ma boisson au vinaigre pour la journée

Excellente qualité


Sandrine Gourjux

Je déteste dans boire dans du plastique ou du métal, celle ci est en verre mais très bien protégée par sa coque et son bouchon, le goulot n'est ni trop large (pour ne pas s'en mettre partout) ni trop étroit (pour pouvoir glisser une tranche de citron ou un brin de menthe). En plus elle est légère ! Bref parfaite ! Un seul bémol, j'aurai vraiment aimé une autre couleur....