Entretien avec Sybille - Naturopathe spécialisée en endométriose et fertilité

Interview with Sybille - Naturopath specialized in endometriosis and fertility

You are a naturopath specializing in endometriosis and fertility, explain your background to me?

I have endometriosis. I trained for myself initially and I wanted to help women. Initially, I didn't want to specialize, but I had a lot of requests regarding endometriosis and fertility issues. At the start of the school year, I will offer a package of 3 consultations to provide support over 4 months. In my packs, people take consultations when they need them. To help women suffering from endometriosis, the goal is to mask the disabling symptoms, to act on the asymptomatic aspects to treat the root cause and improve their condition. For this, regular monitoring is essential. The program is completely personalized. I provide less information at once and I focus on the specific issues as well as the organs to be worked on gradually. The goal is to avoid overwhelming the person. We work in collaboration with doctors.

How long have you been practicing?

I started my training a year ago when I started changing my diet. This resulted in an 80% reduction in my symptoms. I created my network on a website and I offer consultations exclusively online. I also plan to collaborate with PenLab, a women's studio in Paris, where I will offer facial massages focused on beauty and health. These massages, which use acupressure for a detox effect and the elimination of microcysts, can reduce wrinkles, spots and revive the radiance of the complexion. I also practice reflexology.

How is endometriosis treated?

There is no treatment to combat endometriosis. Birth control pills and surgery can be used. Personally, I have tried 18 different pills, which may relieve the symptoms but cannot cure the disease.

What are the different profiles of your patients?

I have patients affected by Crohn's disease, PCOS, pre-menopause and other women's issues. For fertility issues, it is essential that I meet the couple.

How does your patient support work?

My advice is adapted to each case. First of all, we act on diet, then on physical activity, and then on stress management. Then, we use micronutrition, herbal medicine, Bach flowers, massages and foot reflexology. These tools are integrated into a naturopathic treatment. The recommendations are not all given at once, they are individualized.

The impact of diet on endometriosis

Diet plays a crucial role in endometriosis. Opting for a more natural diet with organic fruits and vegetables, chewing conscientiously, eating mindfully, reducing excessive sugar consumption and overeating helps protect our organs. Intermittent fasting may benefit some women but not all, as it can disrupt or rebalance hormones. It is advisable to skip dinner rather than lunch when practicing intermittent fasting.

Find Sybille on her Instagram account @sibylle.naturopathe

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