Interview Camille Farrugia (@holycamille)

Interview Camille Farrugia (@holycamille)

Discover our interview with Camille Farruggia aka Holy Camille: a sunny, funny and straightforward personality. Camille is also this person committed to the animal cause, who benefits from her visibility to associations helping animals. A huge heart, sincerity and (a little) tattoos that we love to follow on Instagram .

To discover it or get inspired in less than a minute, let's dive into Camille's essentials!

The purchase of less than €50 that has enormously improved your life

Face layering towels Emma's trends 🥲

The best beauty advice you've ever been given

For not washing my face in the morning

The best health advice you've ever been given

The best is also the only one that I cannot apply: drinking water 

How you integrated archie cider vinegar into your daily life

I started exercising again at the start of the year and I need to lose a few pounds, Archie will help me in my quest!

The recipe you like to cook

I never cook unfortunately

The place where you feel relaxed

My sofa 🙈

The thing you do to take care of yourself if you only have 5 minutes in your day

Massage my face with oil and guasha

The person who inspires you the most

My mother, my friends 

The bad habit you would like to get rid of

Eating way too big portions?

The book to recommend


The place you dream of going/returning to

I would like to teleport to Ibiza right now and see Vancouver again

The quality you wish everyone had


The sporting activity you like the most and the time you devote to it/week

Boxing ! 1 to 2 hours 🥊

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