Recette anti gueule de bois par The Social Food

Anti-hangover recipe by The Social Food

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. You know the music...

The iconic duo from The Social Food took your favorite cider vinegar to concoct a little cocktail that is 100% useful and 100% eco-friendly.

Because we always have fruit at the bottom of the fridge that rots and that we end up throwing away shamefully. Shirley & Matthieu found an ingenious way to reuse them ♻️ to make a delicious fruit vinegar. The icing on the cake is that it can be used in an anti-hangover cocktail 🍏🍐🍊🍋

Ingredients :

- 400 grams of end-of-life fruit (peels, zest, etc.)

- 1 liter of Archie (quality, organic cider vinegar!)

- 60 grams of sugar

How to do ?

Mix everything in a glass jar and leave to rest in a cupboard for 10 days, covered.

How to use it ?

Option 1:

As is in a cocktail: a good large tablespoon to dilute in a large glass of water, honey and ice cubes for the aftermath of the holidays

Option 2:

In vinaigrettes, in sauces... in short, in the kitchen, let your imagination run wild.

It can be kept for more than a month in a cupboard. When you remove the fruit and it can be kept for any time limit.

Up to you !

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