Support small farmers

Since its beginnings, Archie has been committed to sourcing from small independent Normandy producers instead of buying its apples from a single estate. This certainly makes the task more complicated, but it was essential for us to work to revalorize the French cider industry, maintain the heterogeneity of our countryside and preserve biodiversity. For the sake of consistency, we also take care to select farmers who produce in agro-ecology, organically, out of conviction and not out of opportunism.

You propose
the best available

Our specifications? Working with farmers producing exceptional quality cider, in order to offer the best vinegar available. A raw grand cru, unprocessed, pasteurized or filtered, guaranteeing all the benefits of the product. First by selecting our apples from exceptional organic groves, in order to obtain the best possible fruit, then by letting the cider ferment at its own pace. Unlike industrial processes, Archie gives nature time to do its work in order to preserve its virtues.
A composition which makes it one of the most precious foods for our health, but also for our taste buds: crowned the most awarded cider vinegar in Europe, Archie has managed to charm the greatest French starred chefs all the way to the kitchens of the Élysée.

Well-being that also rests
on values ​​that are dear to us

  • Archie is disruptive

    It brings up to date a condiment more than 3000 years old, lost in the limbo of industrialization, to reintegrate it into everyone's daily life with unique ranges in the world.

  • Archie is conscientious

    He makes sure to always surround himself with the best in each field to offer you ultra-quality and effective products, which you can bring into your daily life with your eyes closed.

  • Archie is engaged

    In his production as much as in his vision of the world: he reintegrates vinegar production and transforms French cider heritage, he values ​​the work of farmers at a fair price, he campaigns on his scale for the preservation of nature, he perpetuates traditions...