Clarification cheveux au vinaigre de cidre Archie : comment faire ?

Hair clarification with Archie cider vinegar: how to do it?

Do you want to remove residue from your hair naturally, without stripping it? Clarify your hair using cider vinegar: for hair that is less weighed down and easier to comb, full of vitality.

Do “Reset”. This is generally what we forget when we decide to take the plunge into a new routine. Cleaning up the basics to be more receptive to change is one of the most valuable tips for sporting beautiful hair.

It was Delphine who explained everything to us. Great enthusiast, Delphine is our priestess when it comes to natural hair routines. She shares all her secrets on her Instagram account @ biotytips . It’s a veritable goldmine of information for anyone who would like to go green for their hair products (but not only that…). Delphine explained to us how to regain beautiful hair thanks to clarification (and we thank her very much for that!).

A clarification, why?

To remove all the residue and dirt that has accumulated in our hair over time. All this residue can end up suffocating the scalp. They can also weigh down lengths and ends and prevent natural curls from forming. The clarification will clean deeply. We leave on a healthy basis, better prepared to receive care.

Clarification, for whom?

For those who :

Have just moved to natural cosmetics, which are in transition or still use silicones or quats which are difficult to remove
Mostly use shampoo + conditioner
Notice that styling products no longer work and that curls are no longer as bouncy despite moisturizing treatments
Have hair that is dull, weighed down and appears saturated
Have dandruff or an itchy scalp

The solution :

A hair mask based on bentonite clay and Archie cider vinegar.

The recipe 🥣:
▪️4 tbsp of bentonite clay archi'belle pack
▪️1 tbsp Archie cider vinegar
▪️ Hot water
💡The quantities must be adjusted according to the length/thickness of your hair and the desired texture
💡You can add moisturizing agents if the clay dries out your hair
➡️Apply the mixture to damp hair for 30 min. Cover under a hat. The clay must not dry out ⚠️
➡️ Rinse with water until clear. Follow with a hydrating mask if needed

Result: the scalp is cleansed, ready to benefit from all the care you can provide. Beautiful hair is yours!

Thank you Delphine!

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