De bonnes bactéries pour une bonne santé

Good bacteria for good health

Have you heard that there are good bacteria for your health? Archie will explain to you why this statement is true, and how mother's apple cider vinegar can help you stay healthy.

Before starting a number: 40 billion. It's a lot, yes... but it is nevertheless at least the number of bacteria contained in each of our bodies. Especially in our intestines. This is called the intestinal microbiota. Scientific research has shown that a healthy microbiota protects us from diseases. It would also have a considerable impact on our mental health. And to keep it in top shape, prevent the appearance of diseases and strengthen our immune system, it is important to diversify the sources of good bacteria (more explanations on the microbiota here).

Archi'v is taking part in this fight because with it, we offer a quality cider vinegar whose presence of good bacteria has been scientifically confirmed (2019 study).

Biological. Concerning the organic aspect, we are firmly convinced that not offering organic products (with or without designation!) in the 21st century is heresy! But it's even crazier when you know that apples are among the fruits most exposed to pesticides.

Unpasteurized. Pasteurization is the heating process which kills all bacteria. Vinegar is by nature an anti-bacterial. So pasteurization has no interest other than aesthetics in any case. Not using this process allows us to avoid killing the mother of archival cider vinegar (which would be far too cruel). This mother is naturally formed during the fermentation process. Unfiltered. Not filtering the cider vinegar allows our product to retain all its authenticity. No bottle of archi'v is identical. Indeed, from one bottle to another, the deposit, guaranteeing the conservation of all the benefits, will take on a different appearance. Its color will also vary slightly.

So consuming archi'v means consuming alive, it means varying your sources of good bacteria to live a long, long time in excellent health.

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