Personnes trinquant après soirée arrosée prenant du vinaigre de cidre pour améliorer leur gueule de bois

Natural anti-hangover remedy

Was your evening too drunk and are you looking for an effective natural remedy for a hangover? Rather than lecturing you, Archie has concocted an easy-to-make express cocktail to help you sober up.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. It is also often synonymous with regrets the day after the evening. As we are not in the best position to lecture you, we have instead planned something to support you in these difficult times. We actually have some tips, including an anti-hangover remedy with cider vinegar.

You should know that at the time of writing this article we are subject to the curfew and the limitation on the number of people per gathering. But we are slowly preparing to return to a life of joyful, more or less watered festivities. Courage, we too, we miss these evenings...

What we miss less, however, are the tomorrows. The ones during which your stomach and your head remind you that no, you are definitely not 20 anymore. Remember it's not that far away, and even at 20 you were already regretting your prowess from the day before...

Let's stay positive and be creative! We decided to take advantage of this time to share our secrets. We want you too to enjoy the before, during and after evening.

Headaches when you wake up?

The sound of the Black Eyed Peas is gone and yet in your head it's still pounding? This may be a sign of a lack of hydration. Even though you may have ingested liquid, know that alcohol dehydrates you in abundance. So during the evening, drink a glass of water between each glass of alcohol taken. This will limit this umpteenth perverse effect. This will also allow you to always have something to drink and therefore drink a little less (because alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, as you know!).

Your liver doesn't like it

Alcohol and the liver don't mix well. Needless to say, sugar, also massively represented at parties, doesn't really improve things (alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails contain a huge amount of it). So to help the liver regulate sugar consumption and balance insulin levels, consuming a dose of apple cider vinegar diluted in water can be of great help. Several studies have been written on the subject. To have all its benefits, archi'brut is the perfect product!

Beware of toxins

Alcohol and poor diet are not what our bodies love, unsurprisingly. To feel lighter, to detoxify and remineralize the body, again arm yourself with your anti-hangover remedy with cider vinegar. It has proven itself empirically. When you wake up, a glass of water coupled with a dose of your favorite vinegar to get you back on your feet.

To avoid it being written on your head...

Not very fresh complexion, acne spots, we have one last tip to share with you before your skin makes you pay for your crazy evenings: once again draw out your cider vinegar diluted with water and use it as a facial toner. Against toxins and bacteria, it is formidable, I promise.

Now you have all the cards in hand to enjoy the fun reunion. In the meantime, we'll have to settle for a Netflix evening under a furry blanket & it's not bad either.

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