Interview : les indispensables de Lili Barbery

Interview: Lili Barbery’s essentials

Discover our interview with Lily Barbery, yoga teacher, author and well-being expert. A former journalist specializing in the field of beauty, she discovered her vocation when she discovered Kundalini yoga.

“It’s no coincidence that you fell here, sit down and do the movement with us” . This is how I met Lili Barbery: on an Instagram live. I had been following Lili since a post that made me laugh. Middle fingers in the air, she happily explained that kundalini yoga allows you to observe your emotions, whatever they may be. I told myself that she would help me get started and break the stereotypes I had about what I considered to be “something bobo not within my reach” (I admit…..).

More than 14,000 people connected but the impression that this sentence was for me. And I think that’s Lili’s strength. Wherever you come from, whoever you are, its simplicity and naturalness speak to you, period. You just have to take a class with her to realize that we are far from the cliché of the inaccessible yogi. She has this gift to make you feel good and in your place, whether your name is Marie-Chantal and whether you live in the 16th or Sophie in La Creuse – we find ourselves around her as one and the same family and it feels so good!

So we asked one of Instagram's coolest yogi a few questions for a shot of inspiration and great advice.

The app you wouldn't delete from your phone


The advice you will never forget

“never loosen my hand on the child I once was” and it was Olivier Roellinger who gave it to me

The purchase of less than €50 that has enormously improved your life

Ha ha ha gomasio… shit, I should have said archie vinegar 🙂

The recipe you cook best

I don't excel at anything, I have phases... at the moment, I can't stop "pimping" the vegetables, making them sexy, spicing them, transforming them. I look for textures and flavors based on inspiration at the market.

The place where you feel relaxed

I would give a lot to go and have a head to toe massage on a dream island. While waiting for big trips, I would like to take a trip to the Barrocal, a hotel with a Suzanne Kauffmann spa in Portugal in the Alentejo… a marvel!

THE thing you do to take care of yourself if you only have 5 minutes in your day

A breathing exercise: in three minutes of breathing fire, everything changes. You have to come to my classes to try and learn.

The mantra you would like to discover

Bountiful, blissful and beautiful, I am!

The person who inspires you the most

My daughter

The best beauty advice you've ever been given

Clean my face well before going to bed and stay in the shade when the sun is beating

The Instagram account you look at every day

Rho la la, just one? Laura Felpin … and Seed of Possibility (Camille Etienne), or even Celeste Barber

The music you listen to on repeat

It changes all the time... right now I'm listening to I know what you want by Busta Rhymes, Bam Bam by Sister Nancy, and Jump Around by House of Pain.

The bad habit you would like to get rid of

Just one? I watch too many series...

The book to recommend

I think it is absolutely necessary to buy, read, share and discuss Camille Kouchner's book which is historic in the liberation of speech. Thanks to her. On another note, my book La Réconciliation has just been released in paperback by Marabout. I am super proud of the positive impact it has had on its readers, I am delighted that it is now at a democratic price

The emoji you use all the time

The one who sticks out his tongue with a wink and a crazy look 😜

The exercise you do every day

Breathing fire and downward facing dog (or more chic: triangle posture)

The place you dream of going or returning to

I would love to return to Sri Lanka, go on a family road trip to India, but what makes me shiver even more would be to go to New Zealand for several weeks and then continue with Australia. 3 months, no less, great!

The quality you wish everyone had

love of self. With that, no more conflict, no more violence, no more judgment 🙂

Why you would recommend using archie vinegar

Because it tastes delicious and it feels good!

Find Lili Barbery’s classes online every week here

Reconciliation, published by Marabout on sale here (editor’s note: this book is a marvel).

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