Utilisation du vinaigre de cidre : l’avis d’une Docteur en Pharmacie

Use of cider vinegar: the opinion of a Doctor of Pharmacy

Discover our interview with Valentine Cabanel, Doctor of Pharmacy and Naturopath. A path that allows him to best support his patients, through solutions other than medication, with full knowledge of the facts.

Valentine Cabanel is a Doctor of Pharmacy and Naturopath. A path that allows him to best support his patients, through solutions other than medication, with full knowledge of the facts. We consult Valentine for her expertise, her kindness and her passion to allow everyone to access their well-being through natural means. We asked him a few questions about his journey and asked him about his opinion on the link between health and cider vinegar.

Marina: When I think of the pharmacy I see displays of medicines, medical prescriptions for chemical formulas. We are far from taking care of ourselves through nutrition and in a natural way. Yet you have this double hat! How did you arrive at this path towards naturopathy?

Valentine: When I was little, my health problems were treated by homeopathy, my parents were quite focused on alternative medicine. I also obviously took antibiotics but the family approach was more focused on understanding the body.

I started studying pharmacy because I was interested in knowing how medicines worked and how they worked. These studies also combine medicine and the commercial dimension, which I found interesting. And then it's not just allopathic medicine in pharmacy, you also approach micronutrition, aromatherapy.… My attraction to natural medicines, dietetics and nutrition has been consolidated during these 6 years. I then completed my studies with a DU in Homeopathy.

And then I found myself working in a big pharmacy, a bit like a factory, far from what I wanted to do. My clients often told me “You sound like a naturopath!” ". I didn't really know what it was. I found out and then followed intensive, certified naturopathy training. There I discovered another universe. At the beginning for a scientist it's quite difficult, it's a completely different discourse, but the more I progressed, the more I discovered a different and truly fascinating way of thinking.

M: & it’s not contradictory then?

V: No exactly! Today I combine scientific rigor with the knowledge of naturopathy! You have to know how to use the right medicine at the right time. At first glance they may seem opposed, of course, but we must see a real complementarity.

I always advocate natural solutions and looking at nutrition. For emergency medicine, where the use of drugs is sometimes necessary, such as for chemotherapy for example, naturopathy is, again, valuable. It helps reduce the impact of unwanted effects in particular.

M: Today we hear a lot about the influence of the microbiota in taking care of yourself, but what does that mean in practice?

V: It's not just the microbiota that is important, it's the entire integrity of the digestive mucosa that must be taken into account to maintain good health. If we have an alteration at the digestive level, we have difficulty assimilating micronutrients, which is essential. And then if we have digestive inflammation we will necessarily have cerebral inflammation because the digestive system is connected to the brain. In short, it is absolutely essential to take care of the digestive system! I stress a lot to my patients the importance of eliminating toxic waste, which accumulates in our digestive system, coming from our food and our environment.

The digestive system when we talk about health, we cannot not address it! You have to take care of it, vinegar helps!

M: How did you discover cider vinegar?

V: At the end of my studies. I perfected my skills in micronutrition and I read a lot of books and a lot of scientific journals. I went really deep in my research and I came across the benefits of apple cider vinegar for disinfecting the digestive system and taking care of your health. I am very curious by nature so I continued to find out more on the internet. I tested it, I loved it. So I replaced all my vinegars with apple cider vinegar and I had my family do the same!

With the use of cider vinegar, we quickly see the benefits on the digestive system and health. As soon as I digest poorly, 2 teaspoons diluted in water before each meal. It is not acidifying for the body, and it is full of micro-nutrients! I haven't used it externally but I know it's great for the skin too! For internal and external use, a small combo of the 2, it can be very good for acne as it also allows you to restore the skin's PH….

M: Do you also recommend it to your patients?

V: Yes systematically, among the first steps I tell all my patients with health problems to replace their balsamic vinegar with cider vinegar. There is a great return for those who suffer from digestive problems.

M: Do you think the fact that it is unpasteurized is important?

V: Absolutely! I recommend choosing it unpasteurized and organic! Apple cider vinegar is a probiotic it really acts as one when it is not pasteurized. In this sense, it really helps maintain our microbiota. And it is important to choose organic because apples are the most processed fruits!

M: For your patients who suffer from acidity problems, is there no problem?

V: There are a lot of false beliefs about this. People who have acidic soil are a little reluctant to use apple cider vinegar. So I explain that vinegar is ultra alkalizing in reality. In case of heartburn it is particularly interesting. And there is no contraindication in my opinion, it is better to take cider vinegar than lemon for example, because it is more interesting due to the presence of probiotics. On the other hand, in case of gastritis, fragile ground, ulcers I recommend first resolving these problems before using it!

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