Top 4 des idées reçues sur le vinaigre

Top 4 misconceptions about vinegar

Do you want to know the facts about cider vinegar and the associated clichés? So without any tongue in cheek, Archie dissects for you the top 4 preconceived ideas about cider vinegar.

1/ “I will hurt my stomach if I consume it”

The acidity of cider vinegar can be scary for those suffering from reflux problems, for example. But don't worry, cider vinegar has the superpower of improving the most common digestive problems. The big misconception about acidity - which is true for all products - is that consuming it would aggravate digestive problems. In general it's quite the opposite. The acetic acid contained in vinegar will help give a little boost to stomachs that are lazy or do not produce enough acid, which prevents proper digestion of food. For the words of experts who will explain this to you much better than us, we refer you to Valentine Cabanel & Wilfried Launay .

2/ “It’s a fashionable bobo thing”

We grant you that cider vinegar is on the rise but it is certainly not new. Its uses date back to ancient Egypt, the Romans used it to dress their wounds, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used it for many of his remedies. At the beginning of the 20th century, Californians brought its popularity up to date by democratizing the importance of living a sporty lifestyle and consuming unprocessed foods. At the beginning of the "Healthy Life" movement, one of the first commandments was the daily consumption of cider vinegar (always one step ahead of the Americans...) . Dr. Jarvis continued to establish the popularity of cider vinegar throughout the world by including in his best seller " Folk Medicine ", the recipe for his powerful vinegar-based tonic in the 1950s. His promises? the ability of this beverage to cure most ailments. This little book found itself in the New York Times bestsellers for two years in a row. 

...Afterwards, nothing tells us that Hippocrates and Dr. Jarvis were not bohemians. 

3/ “It’s disgusting”

When you choose poor quality vinegar, you are right, it's disgusting. Sometimes at the local grocer you can come across a rather tasty red wine, you know, that little nugget for €4 that you'll brag about finding for months. For apple cider vinegar this is unlikely. When it's not well produced, it's sour, period. To avoid this taste, opt for a quality vinegar made with care. We happen to have one on hand that has won multiple awards for its taste qualities. ;-)

4/ “It’s not made for me”

“Who is Archie’s typical customer?” Joker. The consumers of our vinegar are so different. From teenagers to great athletes, from grandparents to young city dwellers... we are unable to answer this question. The fantastic thing about apple cider vinegar is that there is something for everyone. When you start to integrate it into your daily life, we won't be able to tell you the reason why you won't leave it again. Is it because it makes you feel lighter? Is it for its benefits against your skin problems? or have you fallen in love with its taste in your salad dressings? ...maybe you have lost weight since he entered your life and want to continue? One thing is certain, we all have an excellent reason to have it in our daily lives and until you have tested it you will not be able to answer why it is really made for you. But you will get this answer, I promise!!

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