Venir à bout des infections urinaires à répétition

Overcoming recurring urinary infections

Urinary infections, or chronic cystitis, what hell for women. We talk about this subject more often to women because they are the most likely to have it on a regular basis.

As women's bodies are very poorly designed by Mother Nature at this level, they are more likely to have them than men.

If you too are at your wits' end on your toilet while waiting for the antibiotic to take effect, stay on this article! We may have found the most effective preventative solution.

We're going to talk about cider vinegar, but not just any cider vinegar, Archie's cider vinegar! A natural antibacterial which contains pro and prebiotics, very good for the balance of the vaginal flora.

Common causes of urinary infections

Most often, we find that the causes of cystitis are wearing pants that are too tight, a lack of hydration, white or sparkling wine, tobacco or even sexual intercourse.

Most often, E. Coli bacteria is the cause, the intestinal bacteria.

Unfortunately, in women, the urethra is too close to the anus, so this bacteria tends to migrate very quickly.

“Classic” advice

We always advise the same things, obviously wiping from front to back, not touching public toilets, not washing the intimate area too much, having soaps with a pH adapted to our flora, urinating after intercourse but obviously when we tried everything and the problem persists, we wonder if it's not us that's the problem.

No, the problem does not come from you but surely from a concern with flora and hormonal balance. This is often the concern that links up with the problem of recurrent mycoses or vaginosis, etc.

Apple cider vinegar for a better balance

Apple cider vinegar is a vinegar made from fermented apple juice and can be used in different ways: if it is known for its use for culinary purposes. It is today highly touted for several favorable effects on health.

Known to be alkanizing for the blood, cider vinegar, if consumed regularly, will help you balance your flora.

It also contains prebiotics and probiotics, which help maintain our balance and our microbiota. This mixture of good bacteria is necessary and essential for a balanced flora and thus, avoid repeated urinary infections.

In addition, apple cider vinegar is a natural antibacterial, meaning that it will chase away potential bacteria present in our body even before infecting us.

Apple cider vinegar promotes flushing of the kidneys and bladder and prevents the formation of kidney and bladder stones.

It is a powerful antimicrobial, as indicated in a study published by Natural Product Research.

To benefit from its benefits, we recommend choosing organic to avoid pesticide residues.

The specialist explains that the latter acts by acidifying the urine, which prevents the development of bacteria that can lead to cystitis. Indeed, if apple cider vinegar cannot be considered as a treatment when the urinary infection has already occurred, it can, however, prove effective in preventing recurrences associated with it.

Furthermore, a preliminary study published in 2018 by the journal Scientific Reports suggests that the latter helps fight against Escherichia coli, a bacteria often responsible for urinary infections as explained previously.

How to use Archie to prevent cystitis

Our anti urinary infection recipe, a tablespoon of cider vinegar in a large glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach. We wait a good 15 minutes before eating and it's good!

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