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Limited edition

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Archie x Agathe Singer

500 mL

Discover the unique collaboration between Archie and Agathe Singer

A limited edition of cider vinegar that embodies the alliance of culinary art and visual art. Each bottle's colorful label, created by the talented Agathe Singer, depicts our orchards, adding an artistic touch to every sip.

Agathe Singer , a renowned artist, is famous for her original creations that captivate the soul and the senses. His love for nature shines through in his works, and this limited edition is living proof of his passion. Collaborating with Archie, she infused a unique magic into each bottle, capturing the beauty of orchards in a vibrant design.

This unique collaboration gives rise to an exceptional bottle of cider vinegar, a perfect gift for Christmas.

So, don't waste time! Order now and make Christmas memorable, full of flavor and art.

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Certified organic farming

French made
Handmade in Normandy

Vinegar refill

Vinegar refill

1 L

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Archie vinegar has many benefits:
- It improves digestion and prevents bloating
- It helps with weight loss
- It regulates blood sugar
- It strengthens the microbiota

Usage tips

How to use it ? a tablespoon diluted in a large glass of water

When to use it?
- In the morning: to boost the body
- Before the meal: to help with weight loss
- After a meal: to digest better and avoid bloating


Our Archie with his mother cider vinegar is made with the greatest care to offer multiple benefits. First by carefully choosing apples from organic orchards in Normandy. Then letting the cider ferment for several weeks, at its own pace. Finally, Archie vinegar is unfiltered, unpasteurized, all in a glass bottle made in France and packaged by a Normandy company supporting people with disabilities.

The mother of cider vinegar is the cloud that floats at the bottom of the bottle. It forms naturally when cider turns into vinegar and contains a concentration of good bacteria, nutrients, minerals and vitamins. This is a sign that the product is alive, pure and full of wonderful benefits for the body.

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Limited edition
Limited edition Archie x Agathe Singer
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Archie X Agathe Singer

Our limited edition cider vinegar combines Archie's expertise with the creativity of Agathe Singer. A unique experience that brings together culinary and visual art.

  • Creative Fusion: The union of craftsmanship and art.
  • Artistic Labels: Each bottle features a captivating label depicting our orchards.
  • Celebration of Nature: An expression of Agathe Singer's passion for nature.
  • Memorable Gift: Give an artistic collector's item, perfect for Christmas.

An exceptional collaboration between Archie & Agathe Singer

Agathe Singer, the artist behind the label: let yourself be inspired by the creativity of Agathe Singer, renowned artist, who painted each label with passion to capture the magic of our orchards. Each bottle is a work of art in itself.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Boubacar Diallo

Très bon goût, on sent la différence avec les produits achetés en magasin.

Est-ce-que vous pouvez créer des gélules de vinaigre de cidre liquide ? Sous la même forme que les gélules d'oméga 3 ça n'existe pas actuellement sauf sous forme de poudre, mais c'est pas optimale

L'avantage ici c'est que ça soit mieux assimilé pour tout le monde et libéré directement dans l'estomac.

Ça serait révolutionnaire.

Joséphine Potelet

Édition limitée

Cédric Marie
L’allié bien être

Livraison dans les temps, avec emballage soigné, vinaigre de qualité, pas de goût désagréable, je l’utilise tous les jours.
Je le recommande


Édition limitée

Bertille Tessier
Super !

Je suis ravie du vinaigre de cidre Archie. Son goût est très agréable, et je vois déjà de nombreux bienfaits. Je ne m'en passe plus