Vinaigre de cidre et acné : avant après une detox acné hormonale

Cider vinegar and acne: before after a hormonal acne detox

Do you want to treat your acne with a natural product? Archie tells you all about cider vinegar, a natural product that can greatly help you fight acne and have beautiful skin thanks to a well-designed routine.

By helping me get rid of my acne, apple cider vinegar has changed my life, literally. This is the story of why I left my tidy life to dedicate myself to making it known to everyone!

In the beginning were the problems...

The starting point: my decision to stop taking the pill 6 years ago (a good start, I know). My motivations were many.

From there I experienced a new life, full of adventure littered with acne and digestive problems.

So for my skin nothing too good! I broke my PEL to spend it on new creams, cleansers and serums from the internet at parapharmacy. I spent hours on YouTube watching “how I got rid of my acne in 4 and a half hours” videos. Then I also had a series of appointments with the dermatologist. My case improved and then at the end of each treatment, a boomerang returned...and worse. The next step was this famous “..cutane”. But hey, that was going a bit far. I hadn't stopped taking hormonal treatment and switched to a medication whose happy side effects I knew.

By dint of fixed ideas, research, reading & stubbornness in not giving in to the said treatment, I found a new avenue of reflection:

what if all this was linked? if what was seen on my skin was a reflection of the fact that my body is in a state of emergency? so my digestion problems are the ones that would govern my skin problems?

It was gone!

The notions of acid-base balance, alkalization, body acidity and inflammation then took on importance in the way I approach my daily life.

“This should interest you!”

One day, almost like any other, my father gave me a book from my grandmother, in this case mine. I look around and then come across an underlined sentence:

“Drink a dose of cider vinegar diluted in water every day to put an end to digestive problems (…) to see the disappearance of acne accelerate, pass the cider vinegar diluted in water over the face ".

For the first time in my life, I am starting to be interested in how my grandfather produced his cider. I requisition home-made vinegar from family apple trees and follow the advice religiously, simultaneously eliminating dairy products from my diet.

Radical transformation.

Nothing has ever given me such results! No longer a single stomach problem & my skin gradually became as cool as the one I had experienced on the pill. Apple cider vinegar gets rid of acne.

Very quickly, my family started doing it: a tablespoon each evening before going to bed. Everyone is experiencing crazy changes. Improved transit, sleep, weight loss... as for my diabetic father, his blood sugar results were always much better after consuming a dose of cider vinegar the day before. This only half surprised me, having already spent 1000 hours reading scientific studies on these subjects.

Spread the message

Beyond these changes, I notice that cider vinegar makes the curious, the convinced, the skeptics and the repulsed talk:

But how do we take it? And where can you find good ones?

I note that there is no easily accessible explanation for the popularity of its benefits nor any qualitative offer visible on the market. In this sense, I see that many French people who are already convinced by the product go so far as to import it from the United States! Finally, I realize that thousands of people like me continue to consider extreme solutions before trying this remedy.

At the same time, I left my job to go on a solo trip around the world.

Europe – Mongolia – Indonesia – New Zealand. I was ready to leave, to give meaning back to my life, to find myself again.

First stop, at Chateau d'Oex, the Swiss mountains. The small village of origin of my maternal family. We saw more explorers ok, but it was the starting point for my first solo trip and I needed a few days in a place that was familiar to me to prepare myself mentally. There I met an extraordinary woman, an architect, who left everything to start making her own ginger juice. It was the starting point of a chain of signs that made me turn back.

My world tour stopped where it began, I went in search of the perfect product with the idea of ​​restoring the image of cider vinegar and offering an unrivaled product quality. I'm taking Devan with me to write the sequel to the story .

Archie was born.

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