Comment perdre du poids avec le vinaigre de cidre Archie ?

How to lose weight with Archie apple cider vinegar?

Do you want to lose weight and slim down your stomach with cider vinegar? Indeed, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of the slimming properties of this superfood. Archie explains how to go about an effective cure.

Consuming apple cider vinegar to lose weight can be a great idea! We will never stop saying that the miracle recipe does not exist. However, we would be wrong to deprive ourselves of promoting the use of this superfood as a slimming aid. Indeed, we can proclaim it loud and clear: consuming a dose of cider vinegar in your diet could greatly promote weight loss. But where does this idea come from? What use? Is this scientifically proven? We tell you everything!

Rely on quality information

There is no shortage of information on the qualities of cider vinegar. Social networks are on fire and the articles are coming one after the other. So it's difficult to separate the truth from the fanciful allegations. For what ? Because the use of cider vinegar is massive and worldwide. As a result, content on the subject comes from everywhere. Unfortunately they are, let's admit it, sometimes completely devoid of seriousness. We wanted, as always, to provide the most objective and transparent information possible and we discovered Wilfried's work. We fell in love with his channel YouTube Bmoove. The information is particularly well explained and documented. No bullshit! The sources are presented systematically in the description of each video. You will find on the channel a lot of qualitative information on healthy eating... and on the use of cider vinegar. We stopped at this video reviewing the main studies linking vinegar and weight loss.

The most impactful study on apple cider vinegar and weight loss

A scientific study of obese subjects in Japan measured the effects of consuming one to two teaspoons of cider vinegar before a meal for 12 weeks. At the end of this study, it was measured that the subjects who consumed cider vinegar had lost weight and fat mass significantly. These subjects were compared to those who were administered a placebo. No other dietary changes were made during this study. It is therefore the only addition of cider vinegar which has made it possible to observe weight loss and a loss of fat mass.

The explanation of such results

Apple cider vinegar, insulin and blood sugar

Apple cider vinegar has been studied for its abilities to regulate blood sugar and lower insulin. A meta-analysis (bringing together several consensus studies) concluded that through its composition, apple cider vinegar could lower insulin and regulate blood sugar levels. Insulin is greatly involved in fat storage and weight loss. This is therefore a first explanation which would establish the physiological link between weight loss and cider vinegar. This video from the Bmove channel is again very valuable for understanding everything.

Apple cider vinegar and prebiotics

Life goal: have a great microbiota. Dozens and dozens of studies have shown the importance of take care of your microbiota and to ensure that you provide it with good bacteria to maintain good health. Not pampering your intestine means creating all the conditions so that weight loss simply does not take place. A well-produced, authentic cider vinegar containing the mother will ensure you provide prebiotics so that good intestinal bacteria develop.

Cider vinegar and satiety

Take cider vinegar before a meal = reduction in calories absorbed during the meal. Magic equation? we still don't know it. In any case, apple cider vinegar would actually improve the feeling of satiety. This therefore means that we are less hungry, we eat less, we lose weight. Cravings, especially sweet ones, can also be curbed when you sip cider vinegar diluted in water throughout the day. Is it because of its richness in nutrients? Is it related to its taste? Explanations are still lacking, but the evidence does exist.

So how & when to consume it?

Let's keep it simple and follow the procedure used for most studies: 1 tablespoon before the meal, well diluted in a glass of water.

To ensure you have all these properties, choose a quality cider vinegar. And to make this experience as pleasant as possible, opt for a vinegar that will satisfy your taste! We too often forget that cider vinegar can be enjoyed like a fine wine. Good news, if you don't want to try them all, Archie has won over the greatest starred chefs, from the Trianon Palace to the Elysée Palace. So it’s up to you to choose and try!

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