Quels sont les bienfaits du vinaigre de cidre et comment l'utiliser ?

What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar and how to use it?

Apple Cider Vinegar Has Many Health Benefits: Numerous scientific studies have shown that apple cider vinegar is one of the most used and beneficial nutraceuticals in the world.

- Apple cider vinegar improves digestion and prevents bloating: it helps stimulate digestion and reduce symptoms of indigestion. In fact, the acetic acid contained in cider vinegar helps stomachs lacking acidity which seek to compensate.

- Apple cider vinegar promotes intestinal transit : it is rich in prebiotics, i.e. nutrients which provide good bacteria present in our intestines. Vinegar therefore helps renew your intestinal flora and cleanse the colon.

- Apple cider vinegar helps with weight loss : apple cider vinegar helps prevent food cravings and controls food cravings. It helps reduce appetite and increase the feeling of fullness. Apple cider vinegar can therefore help to lose weight.

- Apple cider vinegar regulates blood sugar: several studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can help reduce blood sugar levels thanks to the presence of acetic acid in vinegar, which helps slow the digestion of carbohydrates and to improve insulin sensitivity. It should be taken before a meal: a tablespoon of cider vinegar diluted in a large glass of water.

- Apple cider vinegar strengthens the immune system: apple cider vinegar has antibacterial and antiviral properties due to its acetic acid content.

- Apple cider vinegar improves the condition of the skin: it helps eliminate toxins accumulated on our skin and helps fight against skin problems, redness, excess sebum.

- cider vinegar makes hair more beautiful: cider vinegar helps excess sebum on the scalp thanks to its pH. It brings shine and softness. It is a very good natural anti-dandruff. Apple cider vinegar is therefore a natural remedy for beautiful hair.

How to consume cider vinegar?

To drink

Can you drink apple cider vinegar every day? we recommend a tablespoon diluted in a large glass of water up to 3 doses per day.

When to drink apple cider vinegar?

In the morning: a tablespoon of cider vinegar diluted in a large glass of water to detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system.

Before the meal: a tablespoon of cider vinegar diluted in a large glass of water to regulate blood sugar and help with weight loss.

After the meal: a tablespoon of cider vinegar diluted in a large glass of water for better digestion and to avoid bloating.

Skin & hair care

Facial spray: half cider vinegar, half water to tone the skin and combat imperfections

Detoxifying mask: mix apple cider vinegar with your clay mask, a miracle for problem skin and acne-prone skin.

Mouthwash: apple cider vinegar is unbeatable against bad breath

In vinaigrette

Apple cider vinegar is a mini-calorie weapon for your healthy meals

Which cider vinegar to choose?

To benefit from all the benefits of cider vinegar, choose a high quality cider vinegar: organic cider vinegar, unfiltered, unpasteurized, with its mother.

What are the contraindications? What are the dangers of apple cider vinegar?

There are no contraindications to drinking apple cider vinegar as long as the vinegar is well diluted in water to protect the enamel of your teeth. Taking Archie cider vinegar daily maintains a healthy life, it has been used for thousands of years for many benefits. However, we are not doctors, if you have any doubts, we invite you to ask your doctor.

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