Pourquoi faire une cure detox au vinaigre de cidre Archie ?

Why do a detox treatment with Archie cider vinegar?

Do you want to carry out a detox treatment with cider vinegar for your health or a beauty ritual? Archie explains how to carry out this treatment, for how long, with what products for what desired effects.

Spring is back, the sun is settling into discussions and we are on the terraces and in this momentum, would you especially like to feel as light as the ambient air?

It's normal, we are made to evolve at the same time as our environment. On sunny days, we want movement, energy, lightness! To do this, you can only go in the direction of what you imagine: eat light, drink plenty of water, move around. In summary, stop overloading and eliminate. For the plate and the sport, we trust your creativity. But to give your efforts a boost, we wanted to talk to you about the detox benefits of your archie vinegar.

Get the toxins out

Detox, as its name suggests, aims to detoxify the body. Detoxify, as its name suggests, refers to toxic substances. Simple yes! When we talk about detox treatment, we are talking about cleaning the body, evacuating endogenous and exogenous toxins that we accumulate by many means. Empty the trash somehow.
Fewer toxins in the body are accompanied by more vitality, energy, better metabolism, everything that goes towards being lighter.

To eliminate these toxins, we have several organs: the kidneys, the skin, the lungs, the intestines, and of course the liver, the body's major purification plant. It is through these doors that the waste that we have stored comes out. What are these wastes? They are of two types: exogenous waste which comes from medicines, pesticides, pollution, tobacco and all the toxic substances which unfortunately almost inevitably enter our body, and endogenous waste which results from the metabolisms and transformations carried out. normally by the body itself.

Depending on their nature, water-soluble or fat-soluble in particular, these wastes become embedded in our tissues, and therefore our organs, but a large part of them is mainly stored in fats. Excess fat is therefore an ideal storage space, far from being a gift for our health.

When we do a detox treatment, we encourage this waste to come out, and to do this, we promote the work of these elimination organs. And among these, the big winners and those that we mainly stimulate are the kidneys and the liver/intestines pair.
For the kidneys, we drink a lot of water and use diuretic plants. For the liver and intestines, we promote transit and stimulate the production of bile by the liver, here again with suitable active ingredients.

How does Archie promote detox?

By influencing fat metabolism and promoting intestinal transit, Archie has a dual action on detox mechanisms.

First, as we've seen, less fat = less waste storage space. However, studies show that cider vinegar prevents the storage of fats and even promotes their release. Indeed, by regulating insulin, it limits the transformation of sugars into triglycerides and therefore the formation of new fat cells. And, although the exact causes are still being researched, studies carried out on obese people in 2009 in Japan showed that acetic acid ingested over 12 weeks was linked to a reduction in body fat, BMI and serum triglyceride levels. It therefore goes in the direction of removing fat and, at the same time, the waste trapped there. Good point for our waistline + for our health!

Second detox aspect, we saw that the intestines were, with the liver, a major organ for the evacuation of waste. Good transit is synonymous with the elimination of these toxins that the body wants to reject. By promoting digestion and improving the balance of our microbiota, apple cider vinegar has a double impact on our intestines. Because we know that the digestion time, as well as the limitation of fermentations or the efficient work of bacteria are some fundamental elements for good transit.

Drinking Archie is therefore an excellent basis for a spring detox. At the rate of a dose diluted in a glass of water every morning and starting with a 3-week treatment, it helps to get rid of what you no longer want! And a double well-being effect: cleaning up your body means cleaning up your head!

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