Le vinaigre de cidre fonctionne-t-il pour perdre du poids ?

Does apple cider vinegar work for weight loss?

Apple cider vinegar is known for its antioxidant and fat-burning powers. This vinegar made from apples has many benefits, particularly for weight loss.

In this article you will discover our tips for integrating cider vinegar into your daily diet.

It is an antioxidant thanks to the acetic acid in cider vinegar. So what are its benefits?

  • Improves digestion
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Appetite suppressant effect
  • Reduces sugar storage

To see effective effects, the secret is regularity. Consume 3 tablespoons diluted in a large glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning and before each meal.

Are there any risks in consuming apple cider vinegar every day?

If you have a sensitive stomach, you should dilute the cider vinegar further and take courses for a few months only and not daily.

Is apple cider vinegar a miracle solution?

When you want to lose weight, there are no magic cures. You have to pay attention to your diet, eliminate sugar and fats. Apple cider vinegar is a boost to this. You must also practice regular sporting activity and hydrate well.

For that :

  • Favor proteins
  • Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits.
  • Eat early and slowly
  • Eliminate sugar (cookies, candies, pastries)
  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of water
  • Eliminate alcohol and soda
  • Don't neglect meals
  • Avoid snacking.

Adopt this routine every morning. If you have trouble drinking cider vinegar you can see our articles on cocktails made with cider vinegar.

Here is a recipe:

-A tablespoon of cider vinegar
-Half a lemon
-Some water


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